Decorating the Living Room of a Condo

Decorating the Living Room of a Condo

Condos are a popular choice for the homeowners who do not need or want a big space to be taken care of. Condos are normally smaller compared to the detached homes and are often quite challenging when it comes to decorating them. The small size of the space should be kept in mind when you have to decide on furnishings that should go in the room. However, small does not mean that it should be uninviting and cramped. It may be necessary for you to make certain sacrifices when you are decorating the living room of condo apartments in stockbridge, but it’s quite possible for you to create a living space that is stunning, no matter how small a space you are dealing with.

When decorating a small space you must opt for displaying just your knickknacks which are most significant for you. A couple of beautiful items can really create a bigger impact as compared to some cluttered tabletop and the room will appear a lot bigger that what it is as well.

The walls of your small living room in apartments in stockbridge Georgia should be painted in some light and neutral color. Painting the living space can turn out to be the cheapest and easiest way of making your room look wonderful. If you go for some lighter tone, it will make the room have a more spacious feeling. In order to achieve some kind of calming effect you should select blue-gray color and if you want to have cozy, warm feel in the room then pale yellow would be your best choice.

Make sure that you go for small scale furniture for decorating your small living space in a condo. This can include apartment chair or armless sofa rather than loveseat. Try not to go for coffee table, bringing in a couple of side tables which can serve the purpose of coffee table whenever needed. It can also be a great idea to go for ottoman which can be used for storing different items like DVDs.

Invest in a couple of small area rugs instead of opting for one big rug to go in the center of the room. This way you will be able to make the room seem bigger.

While decorating your stockbridge apartments living space, equip the walls with floating shelves instead of incorporating big bookshelf and use them for storing favorite books of yours. Flat-screen TV can be mounted on a wall while making sure that you do not invest in entertainment center.

The room should be brightened up with the help of hanging mirrors. Illusion of an open space is created by the mirrors and they are also a source of reflecting light so that your room may appear larger. Keep simple window treatments for making sure that as much light is allowed to enter the room as possible. Curtain panels should be used instead of heavy, thick fabrics or completely remove them if you have an issue with the privacy.