Renting Apartments In Stockbridge Georgia

If you have made the decision to move to Stockbridge many of the apartments and houses to rent are new and are in a good condition. The area of Stockbridge is regarded as a more affordable option when compared to numerous other Atlanta suburbs which is why it has become so popular. One of the attractions to the area is that this town has numerous apartments and houses for rent, which means you, are offered with many choices.

Similar to many of the cities, the landlords in Stockbridge typically require that their tenants earn an income that is 3 times the amount of the monthly rent. In addition, it is helpful for the tenants to have a job history that is stable and good rental references. The options such as the “all bills” paid apartments are few and far between, but you may find a few of these on apartment locators. Many of the apartment complexes often provide a move-in special such as free gifts or a discount on security deposits. However, these particular specials are more than often on offer from the rental categories which have numerous vacancies at the same time like 1 bedroom apartments.


Swan Lake

This particular area features many houses for rent a few mobile homes. However, the majority of this area will be owner occupied.


This area features a lot more townhouses and single-family homes compared to apartment complexes.

Rock Quarry Road/ Cobblestone Blvd

This area is a great place to look for homes and apartments to rent. This area is known for a combination of owner and renter occupants including rental that fall below the median in Stockbridge. This area features a 16% vacancy rate which means you are more likely to find more apartments available in this area.